September 2016

A hotdog is not a sandwich. BarCamp Omaha 2016.

August 2016

Today I did Escape Omaha with Flywheel. I had the chance to do it with two other groups of people – Grain & Mortar, and AIGA Nebraska – and I decided against doing it. Flywheel’s product, design, and engineering teams are the first group of people, that I honestly felt comfortable doing something like this with.


💛 these people

July 2016

I started coding BarCamp Omaha 2016 this weekend (thanks for the coffee, Ben Stevinson!) Fruitful Design, ah… ahem, designed it. I’ll likely have this site ready for review to them Monday evening. Good job Ben Lueders, Erin Pille, et al!!

BarCamp Omaha is looking for sponsorship – please reach out to so we can make this event happen in some big ways, so your company can be the talk a’ the town!

This Flywheel retreat – it happened Monday through Wednesday – it was amazing. I for sure had a crazy fucking amount of fun.

Look at all these cheesing goofs!

“Elton, why don’t you take that part about being a sculptor out of the song”

Records of 2016

This looks pretty interesting – choo.js. It has only everything I need.